MPD mini distro

[Update 2010-01-29]

you can download the image, see

What’s the ideal distro to run a mpd out of the S100’s 32 meg DOM? I don’t want to compile mpd by hand but install it via a package manager.

Let’s take a look:

  • ubuntu: too big (>700 MB)
  • debian: too big
  • Puppy Linux: too big
  • Damn small linux: I failed to get the package management back on the HDD
  • Tiny/Micro Core Linux: Nice base, but mpd not installable as package
  • archlinux: Kernel failed to boot on VirtualBox (known problem)
  • gentoo: I think a “Linux from scratch” needs less initial work than this distro

So there isn’t a distro that fulfills my whishes? Oh yes, there is! I finally found one!

It’s named SliTaz. What’s so special? The core is just about 10 meg and it comes with a very nice small package management. This is the perfect base for the project. but the best thing is: There is a mpd package (and all packages of its dependend libs) available!

Next steps will be:

  • Remove all uneeded packages
  • Turn the rootfs it into a ro (readonly) fs
  • include scripts to connect to WPA2 based AP via WiFi
  • mount the resource holding the mp3s via NFS

[Update 2010-01-21]

I did have some problems to get sound working (SliTaz 2.0 does not support the builtin WiFi adapter and SliTaz 2.2 has a known sound problem). I finally solved it.

Everything is working fine including the following:

  • Ethernet and WiFi connection
  • Sound
  • MPD
  • NFS mount of the MP3 share

Boot time (including DHCP/mount of two NFS shares) is 11 seconds.

I’m sure I will release an image the next days. The preferred way to boot it will be PXE (initrd) from an NFS/HTTP share or from the builtin IDE port (installed DOM/SSD module). The image (2.2 MB kernel excluded) is actual 15 MB (unstripped) / 9.7 MB (stripped) only.

[Update 2010-01-29]

you can download the image, see

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9 Responses to MPD mini distro

  1. kode says:

    I’ve tried to configure wifi on Slitaz 2.0, but to no avail.
    Could you please share how this is done?

  2. thilo says:

    Hello Peter,

    hang on please.
    I’m looking forward for a wireless streaming client on a s100 only with the dom inside.


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  4. Drew says:

    Hey Peter,

    Actually looking to generate an image for a network player on an Alix 2D2, can I ask what you removed from the initial image and how you changed to read only image hence essentially making it an appliance you can just turn off and it reloads into RAM and runs from there clean each time please?


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