Java command line argument processing

A nice way to process command line arguments is arg4j (

The resulting code will be 10 times better than code using Apache Commons CLI (never use Findbugs/PMD or any other static software analyse tool on Commons CLI and never, really never take a look at the sources! :-/).

Example code and description can be found here.

Arg4J takes full use of and supports  Java5 language features (annotations and enums)

public final class Main {

public static void main(String[] args) throws  CmdLineException {
new Main().doMain(args);

@Option(name = “-h”, aliases = { “-help” }, usage = “print this message”)
private boolean help = false;

@Option(name = “-i”, required = true, usage = “input from this file”, metaVar = “/path/to/your.class”)
private File in = new File(“.”);

@Option(name = “-o”, required = true, usage = “output to this dir”, metaVar = “/tmp/bin”)
private File out = new File(“.”);


Parsing is done easily by invoking the Parser:

private void doMain(String[] args) throws CmdLineException {
CmdLineParser parser = new CmdLineParser(this);
try {
} catch (CmdLineException e) {

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