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Writing integration tests for sending emails

I searched several times for SMTP servers that can be started during my integration/component tests for asserting that my email components are ok. All of them were hard to include or dod not support the full range of features (e.g. … Continue reading

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Alternative to Arduino/Raspberry PI

When Arduino or Raspberry PI do not fit: (Update 2015-09-15) price seems to be just 22€ see (german!) Update 2013-05-30 Another cheap board

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Store your project’s binaries Bintray is a social service for developers to publish, download, store, promote, and share open source software packages. With Bintray’s full self-service platform developers have full control over their published software and how it is distributed to the world.

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Interesting Java library: Modify character streams on the fly

Streamflyer: Modify character streams on the fly

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Interacting programmatically with VirtualBox VMs

I searched for the possibility to have an uptodate Ubuntu VM so that when I need a new VM I just have to clone that VM. For that I did not want to have SSH installed inside the VM (the … Continue reading

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