Linux live CD with SSH (sshd) enabled

Since grml ( provides the possibility to pass a command line parameter (ssh=<password>) to start the sshd inside the live system it’s the perfect base for creating an ssh-enabled-live-usb-system.

  • Download your flavour (i586/amd64, the grml-small suites our needs) of grml (
  • Install it on your usb stick (see
  • Edit boot/syslinux/grml32_small_default.cfg and append “hostname=sshd ssh=Start123” to the line starting with “append”
  • Boot the machine with the stick after some amount of time you can connect using “ssh root@sshd” (you can decrease the 30 seconds timeout in the bootscreen by editing boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg)

If you prefer ssh keys over passwords take a look at

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2 Responses to Linux live CD with SSH (sshd) enabled

  1. Hello!
    How can I edit boot/syslinux/grml32_small_default.cfg after install grill on usb stick?
    I dd-ed the iso on my usbstick and the file is locked to write.
    I tried doing this with root permissions and I have no success!
    Could you help me?

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