Equip an old IDE computer with a big HDD

One of my computers I run is an old IBM which has no SATA connectors. At least there are three possibilities to add an uptodate HDD with sufficient space:

  • Buy an IDE HDD: Nowdays there a few IDE HDDs available and they are much more expensive than their SATA mates
  • Buy an SATA-PCI controller: Perhaps this is the best option but I did not have any free PCI slot
  • Buy an SATA-IDE-adapter This is what I did: Of course throughput is limited to the IDE interface ad not to the PCI bus like the possibility above. Since this does not matter in my case I decided to use this solution. The adapter is just 1,50€ when purchasing in china, e.g. at ebay. Because the BIOS was not able to work with an IDE of that size properly I had to create a separate boot partition otherwise grub failed with “Attempt to access block outside partition



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