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Ubuntu/Debian Installer: Overriding preseed values using boot kernel parameters

When using a pressed file there’s a vicious circle if you also want to pass boot parameters: Because you pass the preseed path using boot parameters (e.g. url=http://path/to/preseed.cfg) the installer has to interpret the boot parameters first and can then … Continue reading

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Equip an old IDE computer with a big HDD

One of my computers I run is an old IBM which has no SATA connectors. At least there are three possibilities to add an uptodate HDD with sufficient space: Buy an IDE HDD: Nowdays there a few IDE HDDs available … Continue reading

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Tracking aircrafts using a software defined radio

While reading Raspberry Pi in the sky: How to build this awesome $115 airplane tracker my <10$ SDR (software defined radio) came to my mind. It’s a RTL2832U based DVB-T USB stick I did purchase a year ago. So after … Continue reading

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Connect HD44780 LCD via USB

I wanted to use one of these cheap hd44780 1602 LCDs (16×2 characters) to display some stats of my headless server. Lcdproc is suitable best for doing this. But how to connect the LCD to to the server?

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Serial console on Raspberry Pi

When operating the Pi headless in unknown environments often the only way to access it is to connect via ssh. But what to do if the Pi does not work in that environment better said is not accessible via ssh … Continue reading

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How to turn an old laptop into an ethernet sniffer

I had to investigate the network traffic of an ethernet-bound device. My plan was to visualize the data sent and received on my laptop using wireshark or similar tools.

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Soil moisture to graph

I did some extensions to my Ardulink MQTT project. My plan was to have a graph of the values of the two analog sensors connected to the Arduino. So this is what I did in general: Deploy the Ardulink sketch … Continue reading

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